About Us

Today India stands at a pivotal point in the global economy. At no other time in the past or present, has there been so much focus on construction activities throughout our nation and abroad. However, with global pressures on lack of resources, rising commodity prices, lack of qualified labour & talent, and time constraints, the construction industry in India is facing some of its toughest challenges to date.

How does one overcome these challenges without compromising quality, time of completion, and construction budgets? By thinking outside the standard construction “box” and by adopting techniques and methodologies that Europe, USA, Russia and Canada have been perfecting for the last 40 years.

We at ICG Engineering Private Limited are India’s leading authority in Precast, Pre-tensioned, and Post Tension concrete design and construction methods. With more than 40 years of global experience in design and construction techniques with international construction standards, we at ICG can provide a complete set of services for our client’s projects ustilising the latest concrete construction techniques and designs.Our team of management professionals and engineers will evaluate each client’s unique needs and propose the most efficient and cost effective solution to accomplish your project objectives, regardless of the project type; whether they are bridges, residential or commercial buildings, industrial complexes, parking structures or any other specialialsed structure. We offer our design services, consulting services and full turnkey project solutions for all your requirements.By utilising Precast, Prestressed design parametres and construction technologies / methodologies we are able to dramatically lessen construction project schedules, and lower overall cost of construction while still maintaining stringent quality control measures.

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