Engineering, Design and Project Management Services:

  • Projects logistics and Feasibility study

  • Value Engineering and cost optimization.

  • Project Management & Consultancy.

  • Structural Designs and drawings for all types of Precast Prestress Concrete structures.

  • Precast Plant Set up.

  • Pre tensioning and post tensioning design and execution.

  • Precast handling, transport and erection systems design and supply.

Pre-Cast Construction Services

  • Full turnkey project execution services

  • Logistics and erection planning and execution

  • Post-tension stressing and Pre-tensioning services

  • Site management and supervision

Restoration Services

  • Structural Concrete Restoration

    • Delaminated Slab repairs

    • Column & Beam Repairs

    • Temporary Structural Shoring

    • Chemical Crack Injection

    • Foundation Stabilization/ Grouting

  • Carbon Fibre Wrapping and Column/Beam Strengthening

  • Cerified Ground Penetration Radar analysis

    • GPR used for verifying unknown foundation and other structures

  • Building and Parking Structure Maintenance

    • Waterproofing (joint caulking etc...)

    • Waterproofing Sealer and Membrane application

  • Post-Tension Cable Repairs


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